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Many people bow to & worship angels & this is wrong. Angels were created by God as His servants.I will tell you stories about my experiences with angels, to help you to see.First let us look at scriptures....Heb.1:17 God makes His angels spirits see Matt.22:30 in the resurrection,they neither marry,nor are given in marriage,but are as the angels of God in heaven!!Mark12:25 in the resurrectionthey neither marry nor are given in marriage,but are as the angels which are in heaven!!Luke20:36Neither can they die anymore;they are equal unto the angels;being the children of the resurrection ( John14:2,3,4)Luke4:10 God shall give HIS angels charge over you to keep you and in their hands they shall bear you up,lest you dash your foot against a stone. psalm104:4 Bless you God,you streatch the heavens like a curtain,you walk upon the wings of the wind v.4 who makes His angels spirits;His Ministers a flaming fire.Angels are God's servants; not ours.**** Now let's look at my experiences with angels.and I welcome all who care to share their angel stories!! It definately shows , God takes care of us at all times .** #1 First off, back in the mid 90's , as I would go to sleep at night,Jesus would be there & take my hand, and we'd step onto a branch that would crunch, then everything was as silk, silk grass & silk trees & silk flowers. Jesus would walk me through a field of purple flowers as far as the eye could see.They felt like silk as they would brush against my skin & we were bare footed(so I felt the silk feeling of the grass & flowers!!.Each night as I would try to see what kind of flowers they were , I would fall asleep & never did see!!(this shows,Jesus walks w. us at night & teaches us at night, we are never alone. **#2 Christmas eve of 06' a night vision came to me, an angel was bowing down towards our convoy going into Middle East, his arms outstreatched towards the convoy,he was crying so hard, his face was all wrinkled up.As I woke up, I too was crying, it was so sad, I asked God, what did the vision mean....these words came up from my soul....STOP, GO BACK, YOU ALREADY HAVE GONE TOO FAR, THEN God brought to my memory a previous vision He had given to me, where thousands were running on fire , skin falling off.What I feel in my spirit is, as our men go into the middle east(more of them)they just may meet up with Nuclear war or holocoust.the vision was black & white ( not good at all) and all in a white light,,,, a serious warning.*** #3When I went into a restaurant one evening, nobody was there , just me & my friend & the waiter,I went to the rest room, as I went in this blonde woman, wearing a flowered blue , like silky dress, brushed against me & I had to step aside, as I did I said, well, excuse me huh?as I came out of the restroom, I asked where is the blonde lady that came out of the rest room as I went in? They said, nobody came out of the restroom. We were the only ones there. I knew not to go back there, but never really knew why.;"it was warning from my guardian angel" We left & that night, the restaurant burned down. ***#4 we were traveling to Florida, my step dad, my grand son & myself, going down 95S, suddenly there appeared an angel,(same female angel; I had seen in the restaurant)standing up on a hill, w. a(traffic like) wand in her hand , motioning me over(I knew by the traffic wand she was waving,was instruction to get off the highway;if she had no traffic wand in her hand,I would have thought she would have just been waving at me,and I would not have stopped). I asked, how about we stop , take a rest and have a soda?We stayed in Burger King an hour. when we left, there had been a huge car pile up, we heard after , many had died & the back up lasted for many hours, we had to take another route.* so you see, my guardian angel once again saved us from either a terrible accident & or death**** #5 I had moved into a new place, the floors were slippery like ice, early in the morning going into the kitchen,, I slipped & was falling backwards(I felt some force catch me, and lift me back up)had I fallen , it would have been serious, I would have been hurt badly or maybe even worse.***#6 the next morning , as I went into the kitchen again, I went to put something in the dish washer, I slipped again, my R foot went forward under the dishwasher the other foot behind me & I went backwards, and again, twisting over the dishwasher, (now , a force lifted me up & unto my feet)on my own, I would not have been able to get right back up from that position, and if I were able to get up, it certainly would have taken a long time, and I know, I would have been seriously hurt. ***#7 in my sleep,back in the mid 90's , an angel was squeezing my head so hard, it hurt enough to wake me partly up; and I knew to move my right arm out of the way as a huge black demon spirit passed out of my body right on out of the house; as I went back to sleep; the angel, kept repeating over & over, do not go to Florida.(we were going to move to Florida)***by the way, when my son had died, I went to a psychic , and that is how I became possessed by a demon spirit, since they contact (call up the dead) and think they call on God .and the spirits possess you.*Beware*.;avoid psychics &fortune tellers(it is the occult ;(study Deut.18) ***#8many times as I have traveled, I see angels flying across the sky in front of us, and they also see the angels too....which goes to show, they watch over us!! ***#9 this is not that sort of story ; but the same in spirit!!when my son died, he came to me with Jesus at night in my sleep, apparently I was interfering & perhaps was trying to go with the Lord partly woke me, (this is why I remember)my son & I were apologizing to each other for any & all wrongs, and off they went;had I not been partly woken up by the Lord,I know , I would not remember this(the human brain cannot know the spiritual)no remembrance. ***#10another night in my sleep,my son came & took me up to look into heaven, I was looking through like a porthole in the sky!!! They appear just like us, they all were very relaxed, as though just laid back, easy going,smiling, very happy ; I could see & feel the joy,peace & happiness.heaven appeared to me as we picture the Garden of Eden.I even saw the river running down the middle, which is symbolic of our everlasting life in Christ !!! ****#11Once again my son appeared to me, I had the urge to look up & there was my son's face in the ceiling, looked so real like seeing him in person...he was smiling so big & he was just so happy.He told me ,"Jesus is so awesome"how I love Him." (I will add here ,when you are in that much pain of grief,your brain shuts down on you,so this is why we are able to see & hear into the spiritual realm(especially at a time like this)*** #12 I forgot a part, back to #7, being packed, we had taken an apartment in another part of town, so I decided, well; this is another place, so the angel's warning no longer applies, so we can go to Fla."never dismiss the warning of an angel".in my sleep one night, God spoke into my spirit LOUD, telling me to read Psalm 137;which is all about mourning,tears ,opposition etc.Well, I said to God, I trust you God, I know you will take care of us, no matter what & off we went.everything went wrong, nothing was right.We had to live in another area where we did not want to be, and I grieved Largo ,Fla. I did cry a lot over that.things had changed so, gotten worse & nothing at all was available , where we could live. ........then my step dad ended up hospitalized & even died,*** Prior to this God had spoken to me, saying;"now is the time, Chris is to be with His Mother" so I arranged for him to go back to my daughters, to be with her. He was too close to my step dad, and it was too heartbreaking for him. now I am all alone in Fla, just me & my 4 mo . old puppy, so I decide to return to NY.*** Just before I left Holy Spirit spoke aloud to me, to register my car in Fla and pay the Ins . there . I said NO, I want nothing more to do w. Florida, I want everything NY. ( I ,I , I , see this? I want?Well, back in NY. The title to the car could not be located & my car sat for 3 months, and I had to walk and ask for rides.............."Never dismiss warnings from God or His angels". I will end this by telling you how God helps in our daily lives.*** Another time coming back from Fla. our car overheated up on #95 N. I was in the outside lane , going 65 mph. the needle was all the way to the top , no steering(frozen)no brakes & no gas pedal. I had my elderly step dad & grandson w, me. I cried to God, "God help us, please get us off the highway where we'll be safe , the car is over heated , no steering,no brakes no gas pedal. suddenly, I turned into the inside lane, holding right at 65 mph all the way ( a long ways I might add; finally an exit, I turned off at the exit still 65 mph , then I saw a stop sign ahead w, thick traffic , and traveling fast I might also add.;I cried to God, LOOK God , a stop sign & all that traffic..... the car came to a sudden DEAD stop right at the stop sign.....the car was Dead.had to be junked. We are God's children & He always watches over us, and His angels are His servants,which He gives charge over us His children!!!!They are not to be worshiped, not to be thanked, You always thank God, & pray to God alone, no other, it is forbidden by God,He says pray only to Him Jer.29:12 and Jesus taught us to pray to the Father in His name, amen!!!One thing I have to share with all of you.........""**Coming home one evening in Sept,07, I saw this bright light to my right so I looked, there was a HUGE cross, lit up like the sun and a clear blue sky not a cloud to be had...the sun was far away from where the cross was, so it had nothing at all to do with the sun!!the Cross started at the ground & streatched as far as I could see in the sky!! it was so awesome, I can still see it in my spirit as I recall seeing it. "last night, as someone spoke online, God was talking to me about the vision of the cross in the sky, saying, :that cross was to let my people know, my return for them is soon, He said, He is letting His children see this as a sign to them & He wants that we ask each other (have you seen a Cross in the Sky?)and to talk about it, so they all know it is to let them know His return is so very near & He said, Remember His Finished Work on the Cross, amen , so as we talked last evening , so far 5 had seen it, others have seen a Blue vision of the cross in prayer or just on a bldg. or in the sky!!!!So, How about any of you reading this? I would be happy to hear from you !!! Contact me via or Lady4emmanuel@aol.comView all My Blogs both teaching & prophetic

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